Developmental Reading

CRUDE, a new musical, by Maureen Condon. CRUDE: THE CLIMATE CHANGE MUSICAL is a comedy about an environmentalist daughter who outwits her oil tycoon dad. A musical romp through the world of Big Oil, high stakes Public Relations, and Investigative Journalism, where family politics, corporate intrigue, and unlikely romances keep the audience guessing. 7pmEDT / […]


CreateTheater's Monday Night Reading Series presents: LADY CAPULET by Melissa Bell. 7pmEDT / 4pmPDT

Developmental Reading

BREAKING THE GLASS SLIPPER, a new musical, by Vynnie Meli. BREAKING THE GLASS SLIPPER is a family musical about Cinderella, Prince Charming, and their surly teenage daughter, Dusty. Her Fairy Godmother waved a magic wand and all Cinderella's dreams came true. But what happened to the magic after that? Dusty doesn't want to walk in […]

Happy Hour

Let your hair down and have virtual, informal drinks with other industry professionals! Welcome to CreateTheater's Happy Hour, where connections and friendships are made. 7pmEDT / 4pmPDT

Developmental Reading

Small developmental reading of DENIERS, a new musical, by Rick Widen. 7pmEDT / 4pmPDT *Available to ETC members only Several decades into the future, agent Shea McCleary of the Climate Liabilities Commission is hot on the trail of The Planet Paladin Fellowship vigilante group, which, in addition to avoiding their Climate Alleviations Taxes, has targeted […]

Developmental Reading

FANNY'S FORGOTTEN MUSIC, a new musical, by Kristina Bengtsson. Fanny Mendelssohn wants to have a career in music. She’s as talented as her brother Felix (maybe even more so), she has had an excellent education, but in FANNY'S FORGOTTEN MUSIC, we see that her family has other plans for Fanny’s life. Is it true that […]

Developmental Reading

LIFE, UNDERGROUND by Fred Middendorf. 7pmEDT / 4pmPDT How do you escape the suffocation of living life underground? Ryan and Justin have lived next door to Sebastian and Roderick for six years, but they remain relative strangers. Even their other neighbors, Zenith and her preteen son Logan and the widow Borbala, seem to know almost […]

Developmental Reading

LAST NIGHT AT THE RUE BAYOU, a new musical, by Mike Meth! 7pmEDT / 4pmPDT *Available to ETC members only The evening is framed as a typical, ebullient night at the Rue. There is a line-up of musical acts that perform songs representing a spectrum of regional styles--Jazz, R&B, Blues, Cajun,Zydeco, Second Line and more. […]

Week 1 Producing Group

J. Allen, Brenda Giordano, Christina Hemphill, Martin Jagodzinski, Mary Leissenger, David Pham, Rene Zabel Producing Group homework: Are you listed on NNPN yet? We’ll also review your pitch and your website, if you like, and brainstorm your marketing plan.

Producing Business Webinar

Hey! Are you starting to think about producing in person? Maybe you've already tried to apply for an AEA Showcase Code. Join your fellow Indie Theater community members in discussing what you know and how we can problem solve!

Expert’s Workshop, with Donna Hoke

On Wednesday our very own Donna Hoke will lead an Expert's Workshop on NNPN, and how to make it work for you! There is a definite process designed to get noticed on the New Play Exchange, and Donna's one of the best to teach it. She'll help us walk through the initial setup, and then what […]

Thursday Developmental Reading: OH DEAR, CAMILLE by Rhonda Lageyre

Oh, Dear Camille is a musical with a pop Broadway score, some Rogers and Hammerstein sounds, and a couple rap numbers by Hip Hop Hall of Fame rapper Masta Ace. This is a musical written by a woman to inspire women to be everything they dream of being during their second half of life.  OH DEAR, […]

Week 4 Producing Group

Melissa Bell, Linda Bonadies, Susan Cohen, Judith Estrine, Joe Nelms, Eric Sirota Producing Group homework: Are you listed on NNPN yet? If you'd like to practice your pitch, show off your new website or tell us (like Chris Sherman did) about all of the responses you've had on your new NNPN/NPX listing, don't hold back!

Week 4A Producing Group

Producing Group homework: Are you listed on NNPN yet? If you'd like to practice your pitch, show off your new website or tell us (like Chris Sherman did) about all of the responses you've had on your new NNPN/NPX listing, don't hold back!

A GOOD DAY: A New Musical by Eric Sirota

Have you been missing live events? Then be sure to join CreateTheater's own Eric Sirota for a free concert in Union City, NJ. The concert will highlifht songs from four of his newest musicals (FRANKENSTEIN, YOUR NAME ON MY LIPS, GO MY CHILD, and A GOOD DAY). Check out his website for more information!

Thursday Developmental Reading: OPENING DAY by Neil Graves

Thursday, July 29, 2021 7:00pm - 9:00pm EDT / 4:00pm - 6:00pm PDT Back to our regularly-scheduled time, check out this week's reading at 7pm EDT! An original play by Neil Graves, co-produced with Rhymes Over Beats!