CreateTheater has been helping writers develop and produce their work since the company was launched in 2016 by Cate Cammarata, an Off-Broadway producer, director and dramaturg. During the shutdown of 2020- 2022 CreateTheater developed and/or produced more than 70 shows, for which Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU) honored her with the TRU Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2022. CreateTheater continues today to offer classes, workshops, developmental programs and other opportunities for theatre-makers to develop and produce their work.

In 2020 CreateTheater created a resident company, The Experts Theater Company (ETC), to work intensely with a smaller group of writers to develop their scripts and guide them through to production. It is the “Artistic Home” where we can work more individually with writers and help them move their work toward production.

The New Works Festival is a collaborative series produced by CreateTheater, in association with Prism Stage Company, for CreateTheater ETC members whose shows are ready for their first developmental production in NYC. It is a NYC-based non-profit fiscally-sponsored company through Theater Resources Unlimited (TRU).

We believe that theatre must be created and nurtured within a professional theater company that supports its development from the beginning and continues to see it through to production and beyond.

First and foremost, we are a community.

We are a community of theatre professionals: artistic directors, commercial producers, general managers, arts administrators, casting directors and other theater industry members who want to gather with other talented and passionate theater people to make theater happen, both in NYC and regionally. We’re story tellers who are looking for a stories that work on stage, and to support the people who write them.

I believe that we have a unique opportunity in the 21st century to meet people without ever leaving our own homes, to develop new work online, to network over the internet  – and to create theater without limitations.

We believe in art that builds bridges, not walls.

I’m seeing it happen. Plays are getting optioned and produced, and theatre-makers are meeting each other and devleoping new work in this community called CreateTheater.

Let’s do it. Let’s create connections. Let’s create community. Let’s CreateTheater.

Because let’s face it – connections are the currency of the 21st century.

Create Connections.  Create Community.