Money.  There.  I said it.

As much as I try to avoid it, everything comes back to one thing: money.

As artists that’s a dirty word.  Our art, our mission, is what’s important.  It’s our life’s work, our passion, what means more to us than anything in the world.  And we’re right – our art IS the most important thing that gives meaning to our lives.

But we are composed not just of spirit, but body.  And that body needs to eat, to be warm, to be refreshed, just as much as any stock broker, engineer, or doctor.  No value judgements on what we each contribute (which is significant, speaking as an artist).  The plain bare bones facts are that artists can’t starve – they have to eat too.

Just as important – artists have to sell their art to create the significance both their body and spirit need.  Engaging an audience and getting our message through to them is at the heart of our art.  But it’s a constant struggle.

Rule of Engagement

The truth is, there are no rules to find the money you need to get your art, your show, out there.  And if someone tells you there is, a quick google search will prove them wrong.  Ingenuity trumps all rules every time.  But the reality is, if you don’t make the effort your play will wither on your hard drive or your heart and be buried faster than my car in this current blizzard.

Since this topic is at the top of my pre-frontal cortex now as a creative producer, artist, and as human being, I think it’s a topic worth exploring.  The mission of this blog is to Create Theater, and raising money is a major challenge to that in the current economy.

Raising Money for Theater is necessary.  Nobody likes it!

The next few posts will delve into raising money both as a non-profit, for a commercial venture, and as a mixed hybrid of both.  So stay tuned, and let me know your thoughts.  This isn’t meant to be a monologue, but an dialogue – or maybe an improvisation!