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“I can’t thank you enough for your incredible input — for all your insight and great suggestions!   As always, your analysis of my latest script has given me a lot to think about and digest, and I’m sure my musical will be the better for it.” 

Maureen Condon, CRUDE the Musical, NYMF

“Cate Cammarata looks for your play’s intention and then helps you structure it in order to achieve your unique goals.  She is comfortable in working in all theatrical styles.  Cate’s insights and advice have saved me months of revisions!”

T Cat Ford, playwright

“Casting and producing a play from Los Angeles was very challenging. Luckily the festival sent us a list of artists in all areas of production who had signed up as wanting to be a part of the festival. I took some serious time doing research on a few different directors and decided on Cate Cammarata, who literally saved my life.

She attended the auditions and has had constant communication with me about the process. With her guidance we were able to cast the play with a group of actors that I am very excited to see on stage telling this story. The rehearsal process thus far has been a lot of work, with myself and the director making sure that the story is solid and that we understand the vision. It’s been great, and I can’t wait to keep going.”

Kristy Thomas, Memories of the Game, SHE NYC Festival

“We have had the great pleasure of working with Cate Cammarata as a dramaturg on our original musical.

Cate is extremely thoughtful and thorough in her process and we were highly impressed and grateful for the amount of time and care she took in evaluating our work. Her astute questions about the script have lead us to a more defined story arc, featuring characters who are now properly fleshed out.  

The experience has made us realize that when you’re so close to the material it is sometimes difficult to see where problems exist. Bringing in an outside voice as insightful and experienced as Cate helped us discover where more chances should be taken and where clarification was needed. We left each session feeling confident and excited to dig further into the script to create the best show possible.”

Caryn Robbins, Book writer for Dear Prospective Student

“Cate Cammarata has the instincts of a Sherpa guide, leading you through the unchartered world of your play. She helps you to identify your world, unclutter it and strengthen the narrative so your characters can reach their summit. And she achieves this, as both a dramaturg and a director, using her deft interpersonal skills of nuance, persuasion, respect, reason and illustration.”

Barbara Kelly, Entanglement, Broadway Bound Theater Festival