CreateTheater College Musical Theatre Partnership with SUNY Cortland Performing Arts

2024 Residency


Book & lyrics by Deborah Laufer, Music by Daniel Green

2023 Residency


Book, music & lyrics by Jessy Tomsko

2022 Residency


Book & lyrics by Laura Stafford, Music by Heidi Joosten

2022 College Musical Theatre Partnership:


Book and Lyrics by Laura Stratford
Music by Heidi Joosten
Add’l Music by Laura Stratford
Directed by Kevin Halpin

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The Professional College Musical Theatre Partnership between CreateTheater and SUNY Cortland gave us the invaluable opportunity to see a new draft of our show THE BONE HARP performed by talented students in front of an audience, to hear audience responses and questions, and to continue active development of the piece, with the chance to make and implement changes even between performances. I’ve never been more confident in the direction the show is going.

Laura Stratford

Book Writer & Lyricist , THE BONE HARP

Common Questions

What if I don't need three years to develop my show?
No problem! We can “fast-track” your show if we feel it’s ready for a production.
What is my commitment to CreateTheater if a producer or theater wants to option my show?
Great news! As developmental collaborators we would like to participate in the future life of your show, but there is nothing contractual that binds you to us.
Does being in ETC improve my chances of getting a residency?

Yes and no. Yes in that ETC will help you focus and develop your work more than you may if you were “going it alone”; but no, in that we show no extra preference in selecting ETC members over non-members for the residencies. The quality of the work must stand for itself, as we only read from “blind” submissions.

However, only ETC members or current artistic residents are eligible to participate in the New Works Festival, the First 15 Minutes Musical Festival or the New  Works Cabaret Festival.